"If media conglomerates as massive as Time Warner and Fox need to get bigger to combat the power of Comcast, what do you suppose that means for the much smaller Web-based services that will be fighting for the necessary bandwidth to survive?"

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Captain Marvel 4 Preview

your aliens aren’t dead, lady. they’re in hiding.

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"Don’t wait. Writers are the only artists I know of who expect to get somewhere by waiting. Everyone knows you have to dance to be a dancer, you have to sing to be a singer, you have to act to be an actor, but far too many people seem to believe that you. don’t have to write to be a writer. So, instead of writing, they wait. Isaac Asimov said it beautifully in just six words: “It’s the writing that teaches you.” Writing is what teaches you. Writing is what leads to “inspiration.” Writing is what generates ideas. Nothing else-and nothing less. Don’t meditate, don’t do yoga, don’t do drugs. Just write."


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"The science fiction prose community is currently lit up by right-wing troll Vox Day getting nominated for a novelette. Those people are having a difficult time with the fact that the sf prose community has always been full of right-wing trolls.
I’ve been saying recently that science fiction doesn’t live inside the science fiction genre any more — it burst and infected everything. Sf may actually now just be the evacuated husk that those conditions pupated within. I’m probably completely wrong about that, but it’s how it feels to me."

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College student Flash Thompson can go to hell.

Amazing Spider-Man #31 by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko.

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